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#trending is a devised piece created by IN MEDIAS ARTS. In the digital age, we all lead two lives. The relationships we keep online are every bit as real as those we have in person. #trending is a story about love in the 21st century and commentary on our filtered online existence versus our unfiltered daily lives. The story revolves around Sara and her relationships with two different people - Alexander, her boyfriend and an unknown identity that she met online. Our story beings in the middle. Sara has a choice to make between partnership and potential. Each choice offers its own complexities. Sara turns to the people in her life (her online audience) to help guide her to the right decision. 

#trending is never the same twice. Both the outcome and the trajectory of the plot are determined by the audience through an interactive social experience. Audience members are encouraged to use different forms of social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) throughout the performance. The audience has the opportunity to tailor the show to their reactions and opinions creating a networked performance. #trending is a choose your own adventure story for the digital age. 


The audience chooses everything from the style of restaurant we are into which guy she should be with at the end of the story. Just like a choose your own adventure story, there are different paths your choice can lead down and even some dead ends. We are trying to cultivate an audience experience in which they feel engaged in the show in ways different from a traditional theater production. There is a live wall which allows the audience to post photos of themselves, their reactions to what is happening on stage, and even advice to the characters. 

For more information on #trending, where it is going in its development and what we are looking to achieve in residency, please click here


  • Premiered at FringePVD, Providence, RI - July 2016

    • Nominated for Broadway World RI Awards (Mid-Size Company Division)

      • Best Actress- Christi McLain

      • Best Actor - Jerron Jorgensen

      • Best Director of a Play Kristy Chambrelli

      • Best Sound Design - Jarrod Ratcliffe (awarded runner-up)

  • Workshopped in Granby, CT - October 2016

  • Accepted to perform at Charm City Fringe Festival, Baltimore, MD - November 2016

  • Awarded an artist grant by the Beatrice, NE Arts Council

    • 2017 Midwestern Tour (June/July 2017)

      • The WIP Theater; Chicago, IL 

      • American's 4th of July City; Seward, NE 

      • Apollon Art Space, Omaha, NE

      • Boiler Brewing Company, Lincoln, NE

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